What is PaperFin?

PaperFin (USPTO patent pending) provides a clean, non-toxic, simple and highly effective way to print your fish using inkiness technology. The service is modeled after the ancient Japanese art form "Gyotaku" which translates to "fish rubbing". 

What can I print?

PaperFin focuses on printing fish. We invite you to print the fish you want to keep before the cleaning and filleting process or print the fish you would like to release before throwing it back. Keep in mind, you do not have to print the entire fish. Tail, sail and bill prints provide great and memorable keepsakes of your catch as well and are recommended for the catch & release fish.

Is it safe? Can I eat the fish after printing?

Contents of the PaperFin printing kit are non-toxic.  No significant adverse effects are expected if ingested and the contents should not be considered food.  We recommend maintaining sanitary conditions before, during and after the printing process. Disclosures can also be found on the back of the instructions sheet included in the kit.

Yes, we encourage you to eat the fish after you print it.  We recommend rinsing clean and filleting the fish after printing.  Please keep the fish in a cool or refrigerated space until cooking.

Where can I buy a kit?

Kits are available for sale on our website and at select fishing stores, bait shops, resorts and marinas.